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Hec Liège Executive School, Management School
Of The University Of Liège

HEC Liège Executive Education’s ambition is to enable the School to provide services to the community. It thus puts at the heart of its concerns the companies and organizations offering them tailor-made training.

In addition, the Executive Education is an excellent laboratory to develop bold and creative pedagogies and training devices that aim to percolate towards the initial training.

Academic requirements and proximity to clients

HEC Liège Executive Education is part of a university; In the design and implementation of its programs it integrates the characteristics of what makes the university (in particular a reflexive posture, familiarity with research and a taste for learning) even if the formations themselves are not necessarily at the university level.

The trainings are designed for clients according to their needs and requests; This approach that puts the customer at the center of the system is based on the values ​​of the School:

  • A spirit of listening and tolerance
    without this spirit, it is impossible to fully understand the needs of the client.

  • Critical thinking
    without it it is often not possible to reconcile the demand expressed by the client and his real need

  • Commitment to the collective interest
    without this commitment it is not possible to deliver training that is really usable in the complex world in which our customers have to evolve.

Structure of HEC Liège Executive Education within the School of Management and University of Liège 

The University of Liège and the Group of companies and organizations that support the School (asbl Group for HEC-School of Management of the University of Liège) have created a non-profit organization specially responsible for Executive Education.

This non-profit organization is administered by a general assembly, which in addition to the ULg and the Group brings together the members of the school board and a board of directors composed of members appointed by the general assembly; The rector and the first vice-rector of the University are members of the council. HEC LIEGE Executive School is managed by the School’s Executive Committee; On a day-to-day basis, this direction is provided by the Secretary-General.

HEC Liège Executive School is the coordination unit for the continuing education of the University in charge of continuing education in management and economics.