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Who are we ?

We offer executive education programs that deliver a rich, global perspective on the latest theories and trends driving business around the world. By becoming a part of our learning community, you gain a sustainable competitive advantage for yourself and your organization.

These courses are aimed at teaching proven management techniques in a vitally interactive learning environment. They are attended by dynamic managers who wish to prepare for careers as senior executives.

We have established an outstanding reputation for leadership, corporate partnerships, technological strengths, and flexibility to meet the demands of today’s business world.

Our internationally renowned faculty are among the world’s most highly read and respected business educators. Pioneers as well as educators, faculty members incorporate the latest business and technological advances in course delivery.


The AMP is designed to empower executives with new knowledge and management expertise to drive performance to the highest level in your organization. Engaged with experts in the field from HEC Liege, Executive School,Management School of the University of Liege you will emerge with expert skills and mindsets to remain competitive in any economy.

AMP – 8 Day ProgramAMP – 3 Day Program

Our Digital Learning features a wide range of short courses to a global market.

These short courses, focus on a wide range of specific, applied, real and expert written program designed to assist busy people upgrade their skills within a global work and educational context and market. Give yourself that competitive advantage and stand out from the competition.